Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stinky Baby

Since I moved my family away from our home in Madison last summer, I haven't had a centralized media server for things like images and music. In fact, I work almost entirely from a laptop these days. The simplicity has it's advantages, but among the disadvantages is that all of the photos that Shana takes of Gideon get downloaded to her computer, where it takes an extra effort to dig out and browse through the image collection.

What this means to you? Probably not much -- but I mention it to give an excuse for why I don't post more pictures of my firstborn.

So, here they are. The shirt is one we bought at Murray's Cheese shop in New York City on a trip that Shana and I took while Gideon was still in Utero. I didn't think it would fit until he was well past his first year of life, such as it is marked. However, at 11 months and some days, it fits quite well. Perhaps that also serves to illustrate how well he has been growing.

Regardless, having a shirt declaring an adjective synonymous with his last name is funny. Especially since we all now know that it's about the cheese we adore and miss so much from Wisconsin.

In this shot, I think he resembles Shana quite a bit.

Here, does he resemble me? I'll let you be the judge ,'-]


Mike K said...

I didnt know you had a son?! Congratulations!

Eric said...

It's true! Gideon's the coolest. He Reminds me that I need to play more.