Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Hot Dog a Day Keeps the Coronary Bypass Surgeon Away

They get a bad rap for causing arteriosclerosis, but according to this sign I saw while filling up for gas, it works the other way around.

Forget the aerobic exercise if you're trying to keep your heart healthy, try a hot dog to clean out that gunky buildup. It's cheap too.

Ah, don't you love irony?

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Green marketing is not a heap of steaming compost.

A little more than a month ago, I sat down and watched 'An Inconvenient Truth'. I found lots of the arguments for the significance of global warming quite convincing. Not every point, mind you, but most points.

The night before last, I sat down to watch Glen Beck's special on the 'Climate of Fear', the main goal of which was to poke holes in the arguments of Al Gore's claims in 'An Inconvenient Truth'. Many of Glen's arguments too were quite convincing, even after putting the thick rhetoric through a filter.

No matter what side you may fall into regarding global warming and its effects, we have to admit that it's becoming very difficult to ignore environmental issues. Companies are figuring this out too. You'll find more and more companies these days devoting resources towards environmental consciousness. A friend of mine has seen companies move in this direction, and started an interactive environmental marketing and design firm to help businesses promote their attention to environmental responsibility.

Whether it's trendy to be enviro-conscious, or genuine, the fact that it's happening is real. Today Apple announced an environmental initiative. You'll see more businesses follow suit.